The school owes its existence to the vision and commitment of the Ragab Group, one of the most established and successful in Alexandria.

In 2016  Mr Mohammed Ragab announced that the The Ragab Group, the owners of the successful and prestigious Riada Language School in Alexandria, would be establishing new international schools in 2016.

The vision was one that would offer the best of UK and US teaching methodology as well as a high level of English language instruction and core elements of the Arabic curriculum.  These schools would consist of the:

  • British School
  • American School
  • PlaySchool

All would be located within the same, purpose built and secure compound, each with its own distinct mission, identity and premises but also very much part of an overall family of schools that would come together to share events, ideas and fellowship, professional and personal.

The vision became a reality and Forsan British School was duly opened on Sunday 17th September 2017 with Mr. Alun Williams as the new Principal.  The current Principal, Mr Paulo Duran, has been with us since 2021 and has the experience of nearly thirty years as a teacher and leader in a variety of highly ranked UK and international schools.

The teaching staff in the school is familiar with their respective curricula and have been hand-picked for their experience and qualifications with native British teachers specifically chosen to ensure that the standard and methodology of our teaching are what you would expect in any leading British curriculum school.

The school was built to last. with excellent facilities to support learning in and outside the classroom and our future is a bright one as we prepare graduates to enter universities from all over the world, creating the next generation of Egyptian leaders to help build Egypt’s future!


About FBS

At Forsan British School we educate our students to be the leaders of tomorrow and as our alumni grow in number we look forward to their success.