We are very proud of our distinguished school that provides our children with great learning experiences & opportunities.


Our staff

It is the quality of the people, the teaching and the support staff, which makes a school special.
At FBS we are fortunate to have a highly skilled, committed and friendly staff who will give their very best efforts for our children.
All our teachers are well-qualified professionals who bring a depth of international knowledge with them.

  • Experienced in teaching the UK National Curriculum from Early Years Foundation Stage through to ‘A’ levels.
  • The teaching staff were hand-picked for their experience and qualifications.
  • Teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to getting the best out of the pupils.
  • Teachers believe in holistic education.
  • Apart from teaching, our staff will provide an extensive list of activities for the pupils to choose from.
  • Some of the teachers will take on additional roles as Housemasters, Form Tutors and other such like pastoral duties.

Our Team

Mrs Mahinour El Salamouny
Mrs Mahinour El SalamounyVice Principal
Mrs. Noha Salama
Mrs. Noha Salama Head of Checkpoint & IGCSE Dept
Mrs Dina Hasheesh
Mrs Dina HasheeshAssistant Principal for Foundation Stage
Mrs Mona Atwa
Mrs Mona AtwaHead of Upper Primary
Mrs Hania Samir
Mrs Hania SamirHead of Lower Primary
Mrs. Menna Salem
Mrs. Menna SalemMaths Coordinator
Mrs. Daina Abdallah
Mrs. Daina Abdallah English Coordinator
Mrs.Amany Khater
Mrs.Amany Khater N.S. Coordinator
Mrs. Mariam El Guindy
Mrs. Mariam El GuindyFoundation Stage Coordinator
Mrs.Rasha.Abd.El Aal
Mrs.Rasha.Abd.El Aal English Coordinator
Mrs. Sarah Abd El Aziz
Mrs. Sarah Abd El Aziz Arabic Coordinator
Mrs.Sarah Sherif
Mrs.Sarah Sherif Maths Coordinator
Mrs.Shahinaz Moghazy
Mrs.Shahinaz Moghazy English Coordinator
Mrs.Wessam Ramadan
Mrs.Wessam RamadanFoundationStage Arabic-Coordinator
Mrs.Yasmeen Samy
Mrs.Yasmeen SamyArt-Coordinator
Mr.Aya.El.BannaVice Principal's P.A & IGCSE Coordinator
Mrs Boustan Magdy
Mrs Boustan MagdyStudents' Activities Coordinator
Mrs Sarah Haytham
Mrs Sarah HaythamLibrarian
Mrs Sarah El Aqad
Mrs Sarah El AqadIT Teacher
Mrs Amany Khater
Mrs Amany KhaterN.S. Teacher
Mrs Alia Fahmy
Mrs Alia FahmyScience Teacher
Mr Abd El Qader Basha
Mr Abd El Qader BashaBiology Teacher
Mr Ahmed Gomaa
Mr Ahmed GomaaChemistry Teacher
Mrs Dina El Zarqa
Mrs Dina El ZarqaTeacher of French
Mrs Rania Abd El Ghaffar
Mrs Rania Abd El GhaffarTeacher of French
Mrs Dania Abdallah
Mrs Dania AbdallahTeacher of English
Mrs Joulie Deal
Mrs Joulie DealTeacher of English
Mrs Rana Abou Gad
Mrs Rana Abou GadAssistant Teacher of English
Mrs Rasha Abd El Aal
Mrs Rasha Abd El AalTeacher of English
Mrs Shahinaz Moghazy
Mrs Shahinaz MoghazyTeacher of English
Mrs Zeinab Awad
Mrs Zeinab AwadTeacher of English
Mrs Hania Shafiq
Mrs Hania ShafiqMaths Teacher
Mrs Maha Mohey
Mrs Maha MoheyMath Teacher
Mrs Menna Salem
Mrs Menna SalemMath Teacher
Mrs Sarah Sherif
Mrs Sarah SherifMath Teacher
Mrs Suha Maher
Mrs Suha MaherMath Teacher
Mrs Tasneem Tarek
Mrs Tasneem TarekMath Teacher
Mrs Aya Nasser
Mrs Aya NasserTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Dareen Khamis
Mrs Dareen KhamisTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Heba Fathy
Mrs Heba FathyTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Mona Mohamed
Mrs Mona MohamedTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Rasha Galal
Mrs Rasha GalalTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Sarah Abd El Aziz
Mrs Sarah Abd El AzizTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Wessam Ramadan
Mrs Wessam RamadanTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Youmna Ismail
Mrs Youmna IsmailTeacher of Arabic
Mrs Farah Haggag
Mrs Farah HaggagClass Teacher
Mrs Heba El Wakeel
Mrs Heba El WakeelClass Teacher
Mrs Nada Abd El Ghany
Mrs Nada Abd El GhanyClass Teacher
Mrs Nourhan Aly
Mrs Nourhan AlyClass Teacher
Mrs Passent Hegazy
Mrs Passent HegazyClass Teacher
Mrs Sally Farid
Mrs Sally FaridClass Teacher
Mrs Sarah Samir
Mrs Sarah SamirClass Teacher
Mrs Yasmine El Daly
Mrs Yasmine El DalyClass Teacher
Mrs Youmna Afify
Mrs Youmna AfifyClass Teacher
Mrs Youmna Dewidar
Mrs Youmna DewidarClass Teacher
Mrs Heba El Wakeel
Mrs Heba El WakeelArt Teacher
Mrs Mahinour Heikal
Mrs Mahinour HeikalArt Teacher
Mrs Yasmeen Samy
Mrs Yasmeen SamyArt Teacher
Mrs Dina Esmat
Mrs Dina EsmatFloor Supervisor
Mrs Dina Rashad
Mrs Dina RashadFloor Supervisor
Mrs Merna Boules
Mrs Merna BoulesFloor Supervisor
Mr Ahmed El Helaly
Mr Ahmed El HelalyP.E. Teacher
Mr Ibrahim Salah
Mr Ibrahim SalahP.E. Teacher
Mrs Marwa Abd El Aziz
Mrs Marwa Abd El AzizP.E. Teacher
Mrs.Dalia.Emad Principal's P.A.